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Question of the Day

For all those aspirants doing online CAT preparation, solving good quality conceptual questions on a daily basis is a must. In this category, daily questions from diverse topics related to CAT syllabus are posted along with the solutions to help students get a good grasp over CAT concepts thereby helping in their preparation.


Online tests are a great way to build temperament and strategy for all those students doing online CAT preparation. The topic-based tests on each lesson from CAT syllabus can help one to effectively apply the concepts and theories studied in a particular lesson. Moreover, the timer based tests help a CAT aspirant to plan how much time one needs to invest in a particular problem along with the questions that need to be attempted.

online CAT preparation - LRDI

online CAT preparation - Quant test

online CAT preparation - verbal tests

Mixed Bag

CAT doesn’t test a candidate on a particular topic but from diverse topics. Here in this section, we have designed mini tests where each test has questions from all the major sections one can find in the CAT syllabus. Here, again, a student has to solve a set of questions in a given time frame. With practice and preparation, one can increase his/her speed and accuracy thereby improving his/her chances in CAT and other MBA entrance exams.

online CAT preparation - quant tests

online CAT preparation - verbal tests

online CAT preparation - GK tests

online CAT preparation - vocab tests